About Mobile Media Guard

Craig Spenner, a new parent, was stricken by constant news reports concerning the growing “sexting” trend among teenagers. From embarrassing situations to tragic outcomes, he found the number of children whose lives were permanently affected by receiving or sending explicit photos and videos through cell phones to be inexcusable.

Thinking about his own daughter and protecting her from potentially emotional damaging situations, or worse, Mr. Spenner began to look for a solution designed to deter teenage sexting. Unable to find a suitable product or service, he teamed up with Sean Tierney and set out to create what has become Mobile Media Guard.

Designed to help parents protect their children from the consequences of inappropriate mobile communications, Mobile Media Guard provides parents with a means to stay a step ahead of rapidly advancing technology and to look after the best interest of their children.

Craig W. Spenner Jr.

Craig W. Spenner Jr. is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He earned a BA in History from the University of Tulsa, a JD from Tulane University, and an LLM in Taxation from New York University. Craig worked as a Tax and ERISA attorney at a large law firm in New York for over 9 years. He currently lives in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife and daughter.

Sean Tierney

Sean Tierney is also a native of St. Louis, Missouri.  He earned a BA in Human Resource Management from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota and a JD from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.  He currently lives and practices law in St. Louis, Missouri.