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Mobile Media Guard helps parents protect their children from embarrassing, emotionally damaging and dangerous situations resulting from the exchange of inappropriate content via mobile phones.

Parental Monitoring Service for Mobile

Developed to deter the exchange of inappropriate content among teenagers, Mobile Media Guard enables parents to proactively monitor their child’s smart phone in an effort to protect them from harmful or embarrassing situations.

Remote Access to Photos & Videos

With Mobile Media Guard there’s no need to commandeer your child’s smart phone to search for inappropriate content. Instead, once the Mobile Media Guard app installed on a child’s phone, parents can remotely access captured images and videos through a secure website.

Alerts & Notifications

Since teenagers exchange photos and videos at all hours of the day, Mobile Media Guard provides parents with tools to customize alert settings so they when media has been captured.

Private & Secure Monitoring Service

Due to the sensitive nature of the content handled, Mobile Media Guard takes every precaution necessary to protect the privacy of their customers.


Mobile Media Guard is compatible Blackberry and Android-enabled smart phone devices .



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