According to a study conducted by the Associated Press and MTV, 30% of teenagers have sent or received a sexually explicit photograph on their cell phone and, of those, 61% did so because they were pressured by someone else.

Observe & Protect

Running in the background on your child’s smartphone,
the Mobile Media Guard app captures images and videos and uploads copies to a secure website.

remote monitoring

Mobile Media Guard’s Parent Portal enables parents to remotely monitor media captured on their child’s smartphone.

private & secure

Captured media content is stored securely - accessible only to account owners. All media is automatically deleted after 15 days.

alerts & notifications

Customize alert settings to receive email notifications as new media received or as daily, weekly or monthly summaries.



per month


per year


The Mobile Media Guard Application is currently compatible with Android and Blackberry smartphones.


Finally...A Way to Monitor Pictures and Video On Your Child's Phone

“Mobile Media Guard from Parental Solutions LLC is the first smartphone app that actively monitors your child's Android or Blackberry phone and notifies you about and lets you look at every picture or video they take/record, send, and receive....”

Keeping Kids Safe Online | November 1, 2010

New Anti-Sexting App Lets Parents Keep Tabs on Kids' Cell Phones

“In many ways, today's cell phones are more like mini computers than phones as a good portion of today's phones alloow users to take pictures, surf the Internet, send email, and do much more than just talk to someone...”

Examiner Cleveland | October 28, 2010

'Sexting' Dangers, Parent Responsibilities

“If you're the parent of a young teen, chances are your child holds on to his or her cellphone at all times....”

VolunteerTV Knoxville, TN | October 27, 2010


“I have two teenage girls, and I downloaded Mobile Media Guard on each of their Samsung galaxy phones.  My wife and I trust our daughters but understand that peer pressure can be overwhelming and Mobile Media Guard is just the insurance we needed to guard against it.”

Mark D. | Cincinnati, OH

“I recently got my son, who is in 8th grade, a BlackBerry curve and installed Mobile Media Guard on his phone. I was unsure about getting him this phone, but because of apps like Mobile Media Guard I felt comfortable that he would not use his phone inappropriately.”

Julie S. | Boston, MA

I downloaded Mobile Media Guard on my children’s phones. I like the automatic alerts when new pictures are taken and the comfort of knowing what their friends are sending them. It is a great product that is really affordable.

Maria G. | Columbus, OH